Vac Bed Fun

vac-bed fun forced orgasms

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We have trapped Miss Poetry in the Vac-Bed. Its black latex clings to her body, showing a perfect outline. If you look really close, you can even see the hair on her pussy and her nipples sticking out against the shiny smoothness of the bed. Morgan, Elle and Madison take vibrators to her vulnerable body, making her moan and quiver in pleasure. They keep at it, teasing her until she finally has an intense orgasm.

In this Clip: Morgan Thorne, Miss Poetry, Elle Violante, Madison Steele, VacBed, Latex Bed, Forced Orgasms, Vibrator, Hitachi, Vibrator, Vacuum Bed, Bondage, Bondage Device, Latex, Lube, Shiny, Lesbian Domination, LezDom, Trapped Orgasm

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