The Punishment of Miss Poetry

Mistress Morgan Thorne

Enemas & Cold Showers With Two Evil Dommes!

Ms. Morgan Thorne has caught Miss Poetry in a very compromising position. She was sneaking around at night with a boy at boarding school, letting him commit sodomy with her! Ms. Morgan caught the two of them in the act and has dragged Miss Poetry into the bathroom to punish Miss Poetry very thoroughly,

It begins by eliciting a confession from Miss Poetry, shamefaced and nearly in tears already, she admits to her crime, knowing that the punishment will be severe. She has no idea what is in store for her, nor why they are in the washroom for it.

Mistress Morgan Thorne Miss Poetry enema cold shower embarrassment crying naked female double domme

Next Ms. Morgan tells Miss Poetry to strip out of the negligee that she is wearing. Reluctantly, Miss Poetry obeys, slowly revealing her perky, young body. She is told to bend over and spread her ass cheeks for an inspection of her ass hole and to remain that way while Ms. Morgan prepares the enema. Miss Poetry is now moaning and whining, almost crying from fear and embarrassment.

Ms. Morgan fills the enema bag with warm water since this is a first offense it will be retention only. She lubes up the hose and inserts it into Miss Poetry’s ass hole, opening the valve to let the water flow in. Miss Poetry can be heard moaning and sobbing the whole time as the bag empties. She is then instructed to sit on the toilet and hold the enema, thinking about what she has done. As her bowels start to make noises she turns many shades of red, becoming more and more humiliated, both anticipating and dreading the release of the enema.

When the time comes, Ms. Morgan makes Miss Poetry look her in the eye as she releases the waste into the toilet, to heighten the humiliation. Miss Poetry is deathly embarrassed and crying, wanting to run away but she can’t get up off the toilet! She is forced to think about what a dirty whore she is, with the filth coming out of her the whole time.

cold shower Miss Poetry Miss Angel cryingWhen it is finally over, she learned that her punishment is not yet finished. Her insides may be clean, but the outside of her is still covered in slutty make-up. Miss Angel comes in for this next step, turning on the shower to freezing cold water only. Miss Poetry must wash off the whore makeup that she wore to get sodomized and she isn’t allowed any hot water.

Terrified and shivering, she gingerly steps into the water, screaming at the temperature. Miss Angel yells at her to wash her face off, that she wouldn’t be in this predicament if she could just keep her legs together! Whimpering, Miss Poetry slowly manages to wash most of her makeup off, splashing ice cold water all over the floor in the process.

Miss Angel is not one to abide messes, she makes the shivering Miss Poetry wipe up the water off the floor before she’s allowed to dry off and warm up.

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