The Orgasm Experiments Vol. 2 – First Time Sounding

Mistress Morgan Thorne souding cbt femdom

Sounding Only Looks Scary…

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Dr. Morgan Thorne has another test subject on her exam table, ready to go! This one is rather nervous – with good reason. He’s going to be sounded for the very first time.

An old friend of Dr. Morgan’s, they were chatting one day and the subject of sounding came up, he mentioned he would be interested…someday. Well, that day has arrived and it looks like it may be too soon for his comfort.

They go over some safety reminders and last minute questions while Dr. Morgan sets up and gets everything she needs ready. Her subject is very visibly nervous. Dr. Morgan walks him through the preparations and gets the sound ready for insertion. The subject takes a deep breath and the sound slides right in. Dr. Morgan’s expert hands guide the sound up and down, lubricating his urethra so that it can penetrate deeply into his cock.

Next up, Dr. Morgan shows the subject how she can manipulate his cock and the sound in many different ways to produce different types of pleasure. He is quite vocal and descriptive, giving her lots of information for her research. Finally, she decides to add some vibration to the mix, directly to the sound and indirectly by way of the perineum.

In the end, he is overwhelmed by sensation and unable to achieve an orgasm, but much valuable information was gathered. Dr. Morgan decides that this experiment will have to be repeated until the desired result is achieved.

In this clip: Morgan Thorne, Test Subject, Urethral Sounding, Medical Play, Doctor Clinic, Vibrator, Hand Job, CFNM, FemDom, Female Domination

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