Mummified Tease & Denial

mummified tease and denial orgasm control cock handjob

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Ms Morgan has a boy all wrapped up in pallet wrap, he is totally mummified and can’t go anywhere. It’s clear, so you can still see his body through it as he wiggles and struggles a bit. Ms Morgan is very happy at the neat package of the sub. She starts by poking holes for his nipples to poke out, then cuts his cock out of the pallet wrap. His dick is already hard as a rock, he’s so excited to be restrained and at the mercy of Ms Morgan.

mummified tease and denial handjobShe starts by playing with his cock with her hand, adding some lube to make things nice and juicy wet. The boy’s moaning can be heard as he quickly gets close to orgasm. Ms Morgan isn’t ready to let him cum yet, so she backs off and tells him to wait. She keeps doing this to him, bringing him closer to the edge with her hands, teasing him and laughing while he moans and begs for release. She then gets the Hitachi magic wand out and uses the powerful vibrator on him, driving him even closer to the edge. By now the boy is begging for release, Ms Morgan ties his balls to cause him even more agony by her denials. She delights in telling him no and laughing at his pain. Just when it seems that he can’t take any more, she finally tells him he can cum. He has a very long, drawn out and powerful orgasm that shakes his whole body, cumming hard and making Ms Morgan very happy.

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