Late For School Caning

Mistress Morgan Thorne caning school role play school girl

Who Shows Up to School Half Naked?

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Ms. Morgan Thorne is not impressed with Tifereth. She shows up to school, late and half dressed then gives bad excuses for being late! Ms. Morgan is going to punish her severely. She has Tifereth bend over the desk, lifting her skirt up to reveal her bare ass – she’s not wearing any panties.

Mistress Morgan Thorne breast caning cryingMs. Morgan pulls out a long, thin cane and begins to cane Tiftereth’s bare ass. It turns red and welts show up almost immediately. Tifereth is moaning and whining the whole time, saying that she’s learned her lesson. Ms. Morgan doesn’t believe her. She keeps going until she is satisfied that Tifereth will have difficulty sitting for quite some time.

Ms. Morgan then makes Tifereth stand up straight, revealing her perky tits since she didn’t bother wearing a shirt to school today. Ms. Morgan must now punish her for this infraction and then lying about why she was late. Ms. Morgan takes the cane and begins applying it to Tifereth’s soft, tender breasts, making sure to hit her erect nipples.

At first, the punishment seems to hurt Tifereth, but over time she seems to enjoy it more and more. It’s as if she’s getting close to climax. Ms. Morgan is amused by this and plays around with the cane on Tifereth’s tits, increasing and decreasing the intensity, teasing and berating her verbally about it. In the end, she leaves Tifereth teetering on the edge of orgasm, frustrated and sore as a fitting punishment and reminder that you do not lie to Ms. Morgan.

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