Dr. Morgan Checks Mei’s Dirty Holes

Mistress Morgan Thorne

Dr. Morgan, Miss Angel, & Mei

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Dr. Morgan Thorne has an interesting patient waiting for her in her practice. Little Mei and her Mother, Miss Angel, are waiting in the exam room for the doctor, talking about how Mei was playing with a boy, letting him do dirty things to her. Miss Angel tells Mei that if she’s going to let boys stick their thing in her, she will have to come to the doctor and deal with this.

Dr. Morgan comes in and asks what has brought the Mother and Daughter into her office. Mei reluctantly tells the doctor that she let a boy ‘stick his thing in her’. Dr. Morgan presses her to get details. Mei says she had it in her mouth and pussy, so Dr. Morgan says they will have to check both to see if she got dirty.

Mei wants no part of this, insisting that she’s fine and it was fun, so Miss angel helps to hold her down while Dr. Morgan puts a dental gag in Mei’s mouth. Once it’s in place, she grabs a huge swab and gets her sample.

They decide to leave the gag in so Mei can learn her lesson and also because it keeps her from talking back so much.

Next up is checking her pussy. They get her feet in the stirrups and her bum to the edge of the exam table, lifting up the patient gown. Mei yells and screams as Dr. Morgan inserts the cold metal speculum and slowly opens up her pussy. Dr. Morgan reaches for another swab and gets her sample for the lab, taking her time, so that Mei’s suffering with the speculum is maximised.

In the end, Dr. Morgan leaves them to go home to a very difficult conversation with Dad. Even after her rough treatment at the hands of the Doctor, Mei thinks it may be a better bet and asks to stay there!

In this clip: Ms. Morgan Thorne, Submissive Mei, Miss Angel, Medical Gyno, Doctor’s Office, Gynecological exam, Med Play, Dental Gag, Mouth Gag, Crying, Speculum, Unnecessary Tests, Age Regression, Clinic, Medical Fetish

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