Teasing, Beating, and Wanting More

morgan thorne malcom lovejoy cfnm

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morgan thorne malcom lovejoy cfnmMs Morgan Thorne has ebony submissive Malcolm Lovejoy excited and ready for his first play session with her. He is nervous and excited, worried she will hurt him. He has been begging her to go easy on him.

She strips him naked and puts him on the spanking horse, where he immediately starts asking to be bound. Feeling indulgent, Ms Morgan obliges, but only because she knows she has a little something up her sleeve for later and she doesn’t want him running away.

Once he’s blindfolded and tied up, she begins the warm-up, going gently with floggers. He enjoys the sensation very much, wiggling his ass around so his asshole is displayed proudly. Ms Morgan progresses to more harsh implements, with Malcolm enjoying each one.

In such a vulnerable position, his cock and balls are hanging down and Ms Morgan can’t help but grab those, pulling them back to play rough with them. She slaps them, squeezes them, runs her long fingernails over his sensitive cock and balls, all while he begs her not to!What he didn’t expect, was to have those toys applied directly to his asshole. Ms Morgan finds his attitude in need of adjustment, so she starts using the toys to hit his tender, pink asshole directly. This gets some cries of suffering from him and howls of laughter from her.

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