Scrotal Saline Inflation

saline scrotal inflation big balls medical fetish Mistress Morgan Thorne

Scrotal Saline Inflation – Setting the Lines

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saline scrotal inflation big balls medical fetish Mistress Morgan ThorneDr Morgan Thorne is all set to infuse 1000 mL of saline – a whole Litre! – into Puppy’s scrotum, so that he can enjoy a nice, stretched, weighty and rather inflated sexual organ. Dr Morgan is happy to treat human-pets in her clinic too!

Before the fun of the saline infusion can start, Dr Morgan must set the IV lines. Puppy doesn’t like this part at all. He remembers how uncomfortable it was from the last time they did this. Dr Morgan walks him through it, doing breathing exercises to help him process the pain – she has found that getting patients to focus on their breathing instead of worrying about the needle helps them cope much better.

Once the lines are set, Dr Morgan is ready to test them and start the saline running. All there is to do now is sit back, relax and watch Puppy’s scrotum inflate in the next part of the series!

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Scrotal Saline Inflation – The Infusion

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Watch the second part of this three-part series as Dr Morgan has set the IV lines and they are now running, infusing puppy’s scrotum with 1000 ml – a whole litre! – of saline.

The video has been sped up considerably, since the process took just over an hour to complete, with two 500 ml bags of saline running at the same time. Puppy likes to move around a lot, even with his light bondage, but the view of his ever-expanding scrotum is quite clear.

There is no sound in this video

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Scrotal Saline Inflation – The Result

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saline scrotal inflation big balls medical fetish Mistress Morgan ThorneDr Morgan Thorne has successfully infused 1000 mL of saline into Puppy’s scrotum, leaving it rather large and swollen. In this final clip of the series, Dr Morgan removes the final IV line, carefully applying pressure to prevent any of the saline from escaping from the wound.

Once that is done, Puppy is able to stand up and feel the full weight of the saline in his sac. It is so full, it is unable to hang, instead, it sits protruding out from his body almost enveloping his penis at times. Once he’s had time to stretch, Dr Morgan gets out the measuring tape to see just how large his scrotum has become.

See the filmed measurements as they discover the full size of Puppy’s inflated sac, the pink measuring tape revealing how huge and swollen his scrotum really is. Added in at the end are some still photographs of the final result, once the saline has settled and the sac has a more natural shape.

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