Mistress Morgan and Allura Tag Team WoodenPunk

Morgan Thorne Allura

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Mistress Morgan loves playing with Allura, especially when Allura agrees to torture a boy with her. In this case, the boy is one of Mistress Morgan’s favourite submissives, Wooden Punk. He is very reactive and Mistress Morgan has fun making him squirm.

He is wearing a new hood, one that muffles his hearing and has a built-in blindfold. Allura starts by tying him up – she loves tying people up. After his legs are nice and secure, Allura and Mistress Morgan begin having their fun.

Mistress Morgan puts nipple clamps on him while Allura slaps the tender skin on the inside of his legs. He squirms and grunts with the pain, a few times Mistress Morgan has to restrain him further. When Mistress Morgan removes the clamps and digs her long, pointy fingernails into his tender nipples, poor Wooden Punk yells and tries to get away, but Allura’s bondage is too good and he’s trapped.

The two women continue to play, causing him pain that he clearly loves, despite his protests.

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