First Time Sounding – Gloved Sub

first time sounding

First Time Sounding

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Dr Morgan Thorne has a patient ready on her exam table. Gloved Sub is nervous but excited for his very first sounding!

As Dr Morgan puts her gloves on, Gloved Sub watches intently. She prepares him for the sounding, calmly explaining the steps she’s taking.

When she is ready, she tells him to relax as she slowly puts the long, hard, cold sound into his virgin urethra. His tension releases as he realizes it doesn’t hurt. He gets happier when he sees how good it feels.

Dr Morgan isn’t done yet. She uses a larger sound, stretching his urethra ever so slightly. She experiments with a few sounds, finding the one that feels best. She then applies her powerful Hitachi Magic Wand to the end of the sound, vibrating it and getting a very happy reaction from Gloved Sub.

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