A Night @ the Sex Club with Mistress Morgan’s Friends

A night at the sex club fuck saw mistress morgan thorne

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Mistress Morgan loves sharing with her friends, so she decided to bring her fuck saw out to the club one night!

In another installment of “A Night @ the Sex Club,” we see Caroline Fox’s first time enjoying a fuck saw – and she really likes it!

Keelie ties Caroline to the post, with her legs spread wide open. Caroline is already getting excited since she loves bondage so much. Keelie positions herself, seated on the floor, so she can make full use of the fuck saw.

The ladies start off tentatively, this is the first time that either of them has used the fuck saw. Once they get into the rhythm though, both start to really have fun. You can see the waves of orgasm that overtake Caroline’s body as she strains against the ropes. She’s holding onto the top of the post for all she’s worth, trying not to squirm too much and giving herself over completely to the powerful orgasms that the power tool is giving her.

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